An alternative to yes/no

Truth in the broad philosophical sense is redundant. If not because of postmodern relativism, then because of Rorty-derived pragmatism. It has Platonic and theological overtones which we can only interpret as the worst cognitive cacophony. True and false have a place in predicative logic, in the same way that 1 and 0 are the bedrock of information technologies. Leave them there.

Consider an alternative, three-fold approach, which allows for consideration of the world, the human, and the possible. Accordingly, things can be discussed in the following terms:

The World

The Human

The Possible







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When yes or no is not good enough

We tend to coordinate a lot of our thought in a manner that appeals to two variables or possibilities. Left/right, Marxist/capitalist, authoritarian/libertarian, etc. This is but a crude exercise in decision making; it doesn’t help us to decide in the sense we might believe it does, rather it saves us the effort of having to think properly at all. This is a heuristic method, whereby thought it reduced to parking a car: left a bit, right a bit, left a bit more, ok great you have it. This is a crude tool, and all attempts to finesse it by finding supposed “third ways” are correctly challenged as shallow and uncommitted – though perhaps for the wrong reasons.  Continue reading