Overview – Irish education research funded (IRC) since 2000

This is just a quick and dirty overview of some information culled from the Irish Research Council’s website, detailing awards made since 2000. I wanted to see how many education research-related PhDs had been funded via the IRC’s Post Graduate Scholarship Scheme (PGSS). I didn’t want to do something that related the overall number of awards made how many were in the social sciences or education research, as that starts to bring us into a exercise in justification.

Approach: I used the information made available on the IRC’s “Alumni” page, going through each page for each year of PGSS awards from 2000 (i) using a keyword search (“education”, “higher education”, “university”, “learning”) on the titles of PhDs listed, then (ii) I went through each website again manually. I then excluded PhD titles that were to do with history of education topics, and I also excluded topics where research took place in a school (etc.) but where education itself was not the focus. These were fed into Excel, with pivot tables and charts doing the rest. [Link to Excel data]

IRC Awards 00-13

IRC pie-chart

Year Research Topic Title
2000-2001 Higher Education Networks of Interaction between Third-Level Education and the High-Tech Industrial Sector in Ireland.
2000-2001 Education Using Drama in Education to Promote a Holistic Approach to Language Teaching
2001-2002 Education Adult Numeracy Tutor Education and Training: A Theory-based Approach to Programme Development
2001-2002 Education Studying Creative Writing Theory and Practice: Bridging the Gap Between Teaching and Learning
2001-2002 Higher Education An Economic Evaluation of Allocation Methods which Impact Upon Higher Education in Ireland
2001-2002 Education An Exploration of the Links Between Male Identity and the Development of Men’s Community Education in Ireland
2003-2004 Education The Impact of Arts Education on Learning
2003-2004 Education Does the Language of Irish Post-Primary Science Textbooks Contribute to, or Inhibit, Teachers’ Teaching and Students’ Learning Science Content?
2003-2004 Education New Literacies in Language Learning and Teaching: The Role of Corpus Consultation Skills
2003-2004 Education Educational Choice, Education Returns and the Family – Transmission Mechanism and Policy Options
2006-2007 Education Co-constructing a Physical Education Curriculum: Participatory Action Research with Adolescent Girls
2006-2007 Education Mainstreaming of Deaf Education in Ireland: An International Reflection
2007-2008 Education hanging Professional Development Needs of Teachers: An International Perspective on Teachers, Academics and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Providers
2007-2008 Education Opportunity, Perception and Regional Social Reproduction: The Role of Compulsory and Non Compulsory Education in the E.U.
2007-2008 Education Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) in Language Teacher Education (LTE) for Critical Reflection within a Community of Practising Student Teachers
2007-2008 Higher Education A Microeconomic Analysis of Ph.D. Outcomes: Returns to Education, Educational Mismatch and Satisfaction with Educational Attainment
2008-2009 Education Global Indigeneity? Indigenous Language Immersion Education in Ireland and New Zealand
2008-2009 Education The Impact of Education on Health Capital Formation, Poverty and Income Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa
2008-2009 Education Resilience and the Prevention of Early School Leaving
2008-2009 Education An Investigation into the Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Teacher Education
2008-2009 Education An Evaluative Study of ‘Zippy’s Friends’: An Emotional Literacy Programme for Primary School Children
2008-2009 Education The Evaluation of Argument Mapping as a Learning Tool
2008-2009 Education Language Accommodation and the Integration of English Language Learners in the Irish Secondary School Context
2008-2009 Education Freedom of Religion in the Context of Public Education: Denominational Schools and the Constitutional Rights of Religious and Secular Minorities
2008-2009 Education The Bloom of Youth: Experiencing Irish Traditional Music in Post-Primary Education
2009-2010 Higher Education Welcome to the Knowledge Factory? A Longitudinal Study of the Experience of Working-Class University Students and their Construction of Knowledge in the Era of Lifelong Learning
2009-2010 Education The Linguistic, Educational and Social Integration of Migrant Children into Primary Education in the Irish Context: Lessons (not) to be Learned from Germany’s Migration Experience sine the 1950s.
2009-2010 Education Improving Primary Science Learning and Teaching through Tutorial Dialogues
2009-2010 Education Reconnecting Children and Nature? A Sociological Study of Environmental Education in Ireland
2010-2011 Higher Education Commercialisation of Scientific Knowledge in University High Performance Research Centres
2010-2011 Education Non-Monetary Returns to Education
2010-2011 Higher Education Was it Worth it? The Employment, Social and Personal Returns of Graduate Education as Experienced by Mature Students
2011-2012 Education Post-Primary Teachers and Travellers in Education: Preparation for an Experiences with Education for Social Justice.
2011-2012 Education An Examination of Irish Health Promoting Schools and the Role of Teacher Education in the Promotion of Student Health and Well-Being.
2012-2013 Education Students as Curriculum Designers: Re-Imagining Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE)
2012-2013 Education Cooperation through Education? Transnational Competence and Transnational Trade Union Action
2012-2013 Education Beyond Understanding, Towards Responsibility?: Cross Border Education for Reconciliation in Ireland
2012-2013 Education Learning to Learn: The Affective Dimensions of Higher Education for Non-Traditional Students

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