Smell Ya Later, Nerds


cat-ears_o_gifsoup-com1Today is my last day at Betabeat. I’m going to miss the site, the team and our lovely readers terribly, but there are a number of things I won’t miss about being a “tech blogger.” A few things that come to mind:

1. The words “pivot,” “disruption” and “game changing.”

2. Guys who try to hit on you by asking if you want to try on their Google Glass.

3. Unnecessary celebrity apps.

4. Lovable dorks in T-shirts for forgotten Techstars companies spilling their drinks on me at launch parties.

5. Booing the word “monetization” at New York Tech Meetup.

6. People with skin so thin they forget that they can just wipe their tears away with absurd checks from VCs or, even easier, pay a TaskRabbit to do it for them.

7. The communal obsessions with expensive, over-brewed coffee, Nike Fuelbands and auto-tweeting scales, all of which are basically just narcissism masquerading as enlightened futurism.

8. The notion…

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