Simon Critchley on Critical Theory today

‘”The world is shit; look at all the mosquitoes. The true world lies elsewhere, it’s time to escape a doomed civilization.” The mosquitoes is a quote from Marcion obviously, as you recognise.’

‘I also understand the desire for violence, and have been thinking hard about this in relation to what Judith calls a “non-violent violence”, and a mutully shared critique, or a critique that we both share, of the rather sad, mannerist, macho adoration of violence that one finds in Zizek, which is also tied to his authoritarian love-affair with the state. Not that I’m bitter, or anything.’

‘The necessity of violence is one thing; the glorification of violence is another – and we mustn’t confuse the two.’

‘The future is always the ultimate ideological trump card of capitalist narratives of progress.’


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