Work website – www.dit.ie/hepru

I tweet – https://twitter.com/agtgibson

I am Andrew Gibson, and I live in Dublin, Ireland. Following a long time in university doing various things, I am currently working as a researcher in higher education, with a specific focus on marketisation, innovation, university rankings,  and humanities and arts research and policy.

The following Network Working Group documentation conventions, 1969 outline my general approach:

The content of a NWG note may be any thought, suggestion, etc. related to
the HOST software or other aspect of the network.  Notes are encouraged to
be timely rather than polished.  Philosophical positions without examples
or other specifics, specific suggestions or implementation techniques
without introductory or background explication, and explicit questions
without any attempted answers are all acceptable.

I like the words dirge, dilate, and demented. I dislike the words palimpsest and eldritch. The Mercator projection upsets me more than it probably should.

Preoccupations include higher education research impact, evaluation, innovation, philosophical hermeneutics, philosophy of information and technology, non-material technologies, metaphor, literature and criticism, the importance of funding postgraduates (help!), good design, and things being open-source and a bit more right-on than they currently are.

Professional profile here: ie.linkedin.com/pub/andrew-g-gibson/38/520/4b3/

4 thoughts on “About

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  2. Simply put, too transfixed on the past and origins. Wonderful for some things where this is a benefit (such as the tool analysis) but unable to cope with the complexity of the world as it exists…

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